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You are intrinsically WISE. You have an inner voice that is intuitive and insightful and knows what will bring you the most satisfaction from life, work, and relationships. But listening to your inner voice can be challenging as others’ expectations and standards often drown out the whisper that comes from within. Women's Wisdom Journaling™ can be an effective way of tuning into this inner voice and discovering your intrinsic wisdom.

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“Who writes journals? Women who live deeply and reflectively, who regard lives as modern mythic quests and spiritual journeys, women who want to find their own voices and write their own lives."

Marlene Schiwy -- Voice of Her Own: Women and the Journal Writing Journey


Women's Wisdom Journaling

What Makes
Women's Wisdom Journaling Unique?

Women's Wisdom Journaling™ is a guided journaling experience that can draw you into a state of mindfulness through structured, reflective writing prompts, insightful quotes, guided questions, and affirmations. This unique process will help you challenge limiting assumptions, contemplate fresh perspectives, cultivate new attitudes, clarify goals, and create a path towards a more fulfilling life.

Guided journaling shares similarities with guided meditation but it is a mindfulness practice that improves mental health with reflective thinking in the form of writing. Guided journaling can also lead to increased productivity, a deeper sense of gratitude, and self-compassion. It can be the first step to habit-forming journaling that trains the brain to have reflective thinking routines that help with unhelpful thinking or beliefs.

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Meet Dawn

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I specialize in strengthening and healing relationships. It has been my privilege to work with clients -- who as a result of relationship difficulties, trauma, or loss -- often experience stress, depression, or anxiety which may stand in the way of them from enjoying life the way they'd like to.

In my private practice, I assist clients in developing self-care strategies and coping skills to more effectively manage life stressors and improve their enjoyment of their lives and relationships. I have found that journaling with writing prompts helps many clients more effectively process their thoughts and feelings between session. Women's Wisdom Journaling™ is truly my passion project and I genuinely believe you will find it a beneficial self-care practice.


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